What size floral arrangement should I send?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

When you are sending a floral arrangement it is important to us that you (the customer) are able to convey the desired sentiment. The size of the arrangement you send matters, and we want to help you understand the sizing scale at Fleurelle. We'll use our Neutral arrangement as an example.

Petite Arrangement

The petite arrangement is our smallest size. If you were to place a box over the entire arrangement, it would measure approximately 10" x 10". This is the perfect size for an end table or nightstand. Customers who send a petite arrangement want to convey thoughtfulness and caring, but they are also budget conscious. All petite arrangements will contain a variety of flowers, but they may not have all of the flowers included in our medium and large arrangements.

Medium Arrangement

The next size we offer is a medium arrangement, and it measures in at about 12" x 12" (including the vase). This may vary from time to time, but with a medium arrangement you'll be sending a fuller and rounder arrangement. This is a proper size for expressing sympathy, congratulations, or gratitude. The medium arrangement may also include one or two varieties of flowers that are not included in the petite size, so it will have more opportunities for creating different colors and textures.

Large Arrangement

When it is important to make a big impact or impression on your recipient, you will absolutely want to consider sending our large arrangement. It is our fullest and most lush blend of flowers. The total size will be approximately 16" x 16" and will be the centerpiece of any table or room. This size gives our floral designers the most opportunity for creating lavish blends of the highest quality flowers. While the large arrangement may be offered at a premium price, it is surely unforgettable and will delight your recipient.

Comparing Sizes

To help you make your decision, a side-by-side comparison will better illustrate the difference in arrangement sizes. Pictured the the left are the Large Neutral Arrangement and the Petite Neutral Arrangement. You will notice the difference in size and fullness, as well as the quantity of flowers included in the larger arrangement.

All customers arrive at Fleurelle with different types of recipients and budgets, and we would like to serve everyone in a way that satisfies all of your needs and requirements. Hopefully this sizing guide is helpful in determining which arrangement you will be sending. However, if you ever have questions or would like additional clarification, please do not hesitate to call us at 240-343-7900 or email us at info@shopfleurelle.com.

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