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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Why flowers? Of all the potential new enterprises that could be started, why would we choose to become florists. It's simple really...Joy. Now, more than ever, people need and want joy in their lives. Some joy is lasting, and some is fleeting. That is part of the beauty of flowers. While we desire for them to last, we know that they will go away. The joy isn't permanent, but treasured in spite of it. In a flower you see realized potential. Through plants you reconnect with the living world around you. Fleurelle is the manifestation of our desire to deliver joy.

Our Purpose Is Clear

To deliver beautiful flowers and plants to our customers, and bring joy in to their homes and hearts.

Our Core Values Guide Us

Beautiful Made Simple

We value quality over quantity, and deliver our absolute best work. Our offerings will be just enough to satisfy all tastes, but not so much that we try to be everything to everyone. Less is more, more or less!

Family First

We work to live, not the other way around. All families, whatever your definition may be, are your most important and treasured joy. We serve our partners, our children, our parents, our friends, and our community.

Every Detail Matters

We are meticulous in our craft, and relentless in our pursuit. We strive to leave no stone unturned, and no flower out of place.

It would be a privilege and an honor to have a Fleurelle arrangement grace your home. Thank you for visiting.

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